Bladnoch Distillery Releases Single Cask 2024

We have unveiled the 2024 Single Cask Collection, marking the final release in a five-year series of exceptional Single Malt Scotch whiskies. Hand-selected by Master Distiller Dr. Nick Savage, this collection includes six unique whiskies that showcase the distillery’s commitment to a taste-first approach. 

The 2024 Single Cask Collection includes six expressions, each with distinct flavours and limited availability. As this collection concludes the current series, Bladnoch looks forward to launching a new Single Cask collection in 2025, continuing our legacy as one of the oldest Single Malt Scotch Whisky producers.

2024 Single Cask Collection includes:

Bladnoch Single Cask 2024/01
Distilled in 2017 and matured in a sherry butt cask.
57.6% ABV | 219 bottles.

Bladnoch Single Cask 2024/02 
Distilled in 2007 and matured in a single bourbon barrel
52.6% ABV | 170 bottles.

Bladnoch Single Cask 2024/03
Distilled in 2017 and matured in a canasta butt cask
58.3% ABV | 676 bottles.

Bladnoch Single Cask 2024/04 
Distilled in 2008 and matured in a bourbon barrel
51.2% ABV | 237 bottles.

Bladnoch Single Cask 2024/05 
Distilled in 2006 and matured in a sherry butt cask
49.9% ABV | 660 bottles.

Bladnoch Single Cask 2024/06 
Distilled in 2001 and matured in an Amontillado sherry hogshead cask
50.1% ABV | 281 bottles.

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