• Bladnoch Vinaya

    Matured in a unique combination of 1st fill Bourbon and 1st fill Sherry casks for notes of fresh apple, sweet floral grass and hints of chocolate.
    £50 GBP

  • Bladnoch Liora

    Liora embodies the delicate balance between the intensity of the new oak and the sweetness of the bourbon casks.
    £70 GBP

  • Bladnoch Samsara

    Samsara, meaning ‘rebirth’, is a full-bodied and fragrant blend of malts matured in ex Bourbon and ex Californian red wine casks
    £80 GBP

  • Bladnoch Alinta

    ‘Alinta’, an indigenous Australian word meaning ‘fire’ and ‘flames’, utilises PX Sherry and ex-Bourbon casks combined together with a sweet smoky peated spirit.
    £80 GBP

  • Bladnoch 11 Year Old

    Award-winning Single Malt matured exclusively in ex-Bourbon casks for a refreshing, floral expression.
    £75 GBP

  • Bladnoch 14 Year Old

    The Bladnoch 14 Year Old is aged exclusively in Oloroso Sherry casks.
    £110 GBP

  • Bladnoch 19 Year Old

    The 19 Year Old is matured in Pedro Ximenez casks for delectable notes of dark liquorice and dried apricots.
    £190 GBP

  • Bladnoch Talia

    Matured in Oloroso sherry and American oak red wine casks from the oldest casks in the Bladnoch archives. 2022 release.
    £350 GBP

  • Bladnoch 30 Year Old

    Made from two exceptional casks of Whisky, the Bladnoch 30-year-old Release is matured in a combination of Oloroso and Moscatel Sherry casks.
    £1,200 GBP

  • The Samhla Collection - Sage

    This exceptional release has been hand selected by Bladnoch’s Master Distiller, Nick Savage to showcase some of the finest casks of aged Bladnoch Single Malt.
    £5,250 GBP

  • Bladnoch Alinta Reserve

    Limited batch release of only 2000 bottles, these 100% first fill Amontillado Sherry Hogshead casks are a well-balanced experience of smoky campfire and white chocolate.
    £120 GBP

  • Bladnoch Peated Single Cask 2023/01

    Distilled in 2009 using a Rum Cask, this Peated Single Cask gives a sugary sweet and smoky taste experience.
    £200 GBP

  • Bladnoch Peated Single Cask 2023/02

    With notes of polished oak and plum jam, this Sherry Hogshead Peated Single Cask adds a different dimension to the 2023 Peated Collection.
    £200 GBP

  • Bladnoch Peated Single Cask 2023/03

    Distilled in 2009, this Bourbon Barrel Peated Single Cask has confectionary notes with smoky vanilla custard.
    £200 GBP

  • Bladnoch Single Cask 2023/02

    Only the most remarkable casks were chosen from Bladnoch’s collection, resting in our 206-year-old bluestone warehouses. Our second Single Cask is a beautiful example of a whisky matured in an Oloroso Sherry Butt.
    £180 GBP

  • Bladnoch Single Cask 2023/03

    Our third Single Cask Matured in an Oloroso Sherry Hogshead, which showcases some of the finest barrels of aged Bladnoch Single Malt Scotch Whisky.
    £350 GBP

  • Bladnoch Single Cask 2023/06

    The 6th and rarest Single Cask is our Black Label Bottle from older Bladnoch archived stocks. This year, our Master Distiller has chosen a very special Manzanilla Sherry Cask for our Exclusive Release.
    £500 GBP

  • The Dragon Series - The Field

    Iteration I of The Dragon Series, The Field, is the origin for our all whisky.
    £110 GBP

  • The Dragon Series - The Spirit

    Iteration II of The Dragon Series, The Spirit, is the first distillery production stage.
    £110 GBP

  • The Dragon Series - The Casks

    Iteration III of The Dragon Series, The Casks, showcases another primary source of variability within the parallel process of cask coopering.
    £110 GBP

  • The Dragon Series - The Ageing

    Iteration IV of The Dragon Series, The Ageing, focuses on the longest, the most complex and the least understood process of maturation.
    £110 GBP

  • The Dragon Series - The Decision

    Iteration V of The Dragon Series, The Decision, focuses on Whisky making in the sample room, where the decisions are made for our final products.
    £110 GBP

  • The Dragon Series - The Collection

    The full Collection consists of the five expressions, each dedicated to a separate stage of the whisky making process - I The Field, II The Spirit, III The Casks, IV The Ageing and V The Decision.
    £500 GBP

  • The Dragon Series - Discovery Set

    The full Collection consists of the five expressions, each dedicated to a separate stage of the whisky making process - I The Field, II The Spirit, III The Casks, IV The Ageing and V The Decision.
    £500 GBP


    This limited release special pack is the perfect way of getting a taste of our spectacular single malts at incredible value.
    £80 GBP

  • Pure Scot Signature

    Inspired by 200 years of rich heritage from Bladnoch Distillery, Pure Scot blend is our fresh take on Whisky.
    £8.00 GBP - £35.00 GBP

  • Pure Scot Virgin Oak

    Our award-winning Blended Scotch Whisky finished in virgin oak barrels for spicy and sweet flavours.
    £40 GBP

  • Pure Scot Midnight Peat

    Finished in smoky, spicy ex-peated whisky casks, Midnight Peat is designed by acclaimed Master Distiller, Nick Savage in collaboration with Australian cocktail bartenders.
    £45 GBP

  • Pure Scot Signature 106

    Pure scot’s award-winning signature blend is elevated with an extra kick and bottled at 106 proof to highlight the sweet notes of soft fudge and smoked orange.
    £50 GBP

  • Pure Scot x SA1NT 'creator series'

    Pure Scot x SA1NT is a one-of-a-kind expression features Pure Scot Signature which has been finished in exquisite Australian tawny casks.
    £60 GBP

  • Bladnoch New Make Spirit

    This limited release of Bladnoch New Make Spirit is a look into the early stages of life of our Bladnoch Single Malts.
    £30 GBP


    £8 GBP

  • Bladnoch Glencairn Tumbler

    £20 GBP


    £25 GBP


    £9 GBP

  • Peated Collection Virtual Tasting Pack

    The Aged Collection consists of the five 50ml expressions - New Make Spirit, Bladnoch 11, 14, 19 and 30 year old single malts.
    £60 GBP

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