Drawing parallels with Whisky production, The Dragon Series showcases the scale of variability encountered throughout the process, which is seemingly chaotic and unpredictable. However, using the skills, knowledge and experience of the craftsman of today, and of those before us, the final whisky always become beautiful through each of these golden iterations.


Iteration I is the origin for all of our whisky. Barley is harvested annually from the farmers field before undergoing the process of malting. The resulting malted barley gives us the main raw material for our distillery. Before this raw material even arrives at the distillery, we have already encountered variety and variability from nature, our environment, and the malting process itself.


Nose: Toasted barley with floral cut grass
Palate: Refreshing citrus apples and creamy shortbread
Finish: Refreshing & Sweet

Strength 46.7% ABV

Cask types: Refill Bourbon



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